Food Larder

In these uncertain times our food larder offers anyone in the Stobswell area a source of reduced price food and drink.

Some items are free (bakery items, fruit and veg & sanitary products) and others are paid for (see below).

No referral needed!

NO referral needed!

  • Come along to 10 Kemback Street

    Mon / Wed / Fri – 10AM to 12PM.

  • So what can I get for my cash?

    £2 = 8 items from the blue shelves.

    £2 = 2 items from the fridge / freezer.

    £1 = 2 items from the health / hygiene area.

  • What do I get for free?

    (If available)

    Sanitary products

    Bakery items

    Fruit / veg

  • NOTE: Please bring your own bags and try to have the exact change with you where possible.